Fineview Citizens Council, a 501(c)3 organization on the Northside of Pittsburgh, seeks to improve the quality of life of its residents through the redevelopment of vacant and blighted lots. Through the Council’s efforts, home values have increased, new residents have been attracted to the neighborhood, and urban decay has been greatly diminished. The council also engages residents by holding regularly scheduled community meetings and encouraging residents to become involved in various community initiatives.

Board Members

Christine Whispell, President
Diondre Johnson, Vice-President
Greg Manley, Secretary
Jeremy Tischuk, Treasurer
Josh Eisenfield
Cheryl Gainey
Jerry Gaines
Jonathan Hanrahan
Marsha Moore Reed

Collaboration with Perry Hilltop Citizens Council

In order to increase our capacity as organizations by sharing volunteers and resources, Fineview Citizens Council has decided to partner with Perry Hilltop Citizens Council to support our neighborhoods. As part of this collaboration, we are working on a community plan to identify a unified community vision. Learn more about it here:






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Notes From Previous Meetings

Meeting Notes

Financial Information

2016 – 990

2016 – Financial Statements 


Current Bylaws (Aug 2020) 


Conflict of Interest Policy