Perched behind Allegheny General Hospital on Pittsburgh’s Northside, Fineview is home to some of the best views in town! Fineview Citizens Council, a 501(c)3 organization on the Northside of Pittsburgh, seeks to improve the quality of life of all residents through the development of affordable and desirable housing, and redevelopment of vacant and blighted lots through public and private funds; to foster a strong sense of pride and ownership in the community; and to improve the health and well-being of all residents. Through the Council’s efforts, home values have increased, new residents have been attracted to the neighborhood, and the community continues to receive attention and support for improvement projects. The council also engages residents by holding regularly scheduled community meetings and encouraging residents to become involved in various community initiatives.

Collaboration with Perry Hilltop Citizens Council

In order to increase our organization’s capacity with shared volunteers and resources, Fineview Citizens Council began partnering with Perry Hilltop Citizens Council. This partnership was funded to hire our first full-time staff person in 2016. Since then, the collaborative efforts have increased staff & investment in our community assets and infrastructure. (FINEVIEW COMMUNITY PARK; FINEVIEW OVERLOOK; BIGGS STREET BUS STOP) As part of this collaboration, we have created several community plans which focus on holistic Community Priorities, Affordable Housing, and a neighborhood transformation plan (CHOICE NEIGHBORHOOD INITIATIVE, IN PROGRESS).

You will find our shared work, events and current news here!

Board Members

Diondre Johnson, President
Jon Hanrahan, Vice President
Greg Manley, Secretary
Sarah Axtell, Treasurer
Jacob Brown
Jerry Gaines
Cheryl Gainey
Jonathan Hanrahan
Matt Indovina
Kimberly Lee
Diann Malcolm
Marsha Moore Reed


Nancy Noszka, Interim Executive Director, (412)228-0153

Rhonda Strozier, Operations Manager

Carla Arnold, Outreach Director, (724)201-9371

Lisa Vasser, Administrative Assistant

Jordan Smith, Choice Community Projects Coordinator

Christine Whispell, Communications Specialist






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FEBRUARY 13, 2023 Agenda

JANUARY 10 2023 FCC Agenda

DECEMBER 13 2022 FCC Agenda

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